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The Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory (aka “The Junkyard”) is the directory that connects readers with great blogs and brings consumers the best business services in America. Our directory is a United States listings only online human-review directory that combines blog listings for reader interests with business & consumer services listings all in one. We list blogs and businesses that are just starting out, as well as long time established. Let our viewers discover your blog or business today. Just like you can never have too many friends, you can never have too much promotion. If you’ve got a site or social media presence for your blog or business, we can list it, and promote it! One time listing fee. A lifetime of promotion. We are America’s Directory.

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Note: If you are getting listed in our directory and don’t see a suitable category for your blog or business listed, no worries. We are constantly adding new categories and can add appropriate categories as needed when you get listed.

Latest News And Updates:

05/10/19 – WE’RE HAVING A SALE!! It’s summer and beginning this Memorial Day we’ve slashed the price on our directory listing fee. For a limited time, you can save 50% off our listing fee. Purchase two or more listings in our directory, and you can save 60% off each listing. Now is the time to get listed and start gaining more exposure for your business, website, or blog. Our normal listing fee price will increase once this sale is over. (Note: this sale is not updated on our submission page for listings, but the sale price will be given to you on your invoice during this sale.)

05/10/19 – America On Instagram has been updated. Find links to some of our favorite locations tagged on Instagram where you can view the latest photos taken by visitors.

04/10/19 – The 2nd issue of Etsy Now! is available. This issue is greatly expanded from our first issue to bring you 60 featured Etsy Shops from artisans who’s work is in making jewelry. Besides those shops, we’ve included links to hundreds of other Etsy shops you may be interested to check out. There is also some great photography included from Lerone Pieters in New York that you must see. Don’t miss this issue. You can get your copy here. It’s a free pdf download. No email or signup required to get it. Just a straight download, like our Courtesy Mentions Magazine. Get your copy now, and get on ETSY NOW!

03/23/19 – We’ve launched our 2nd publication series titled “ETSY NOW!”. This publication will focus on providing you with the best Etsy shops that you should check out. You can get the first issue here. It’s a free pdf download. No email or signup required to get it. Just a straight download, like our Courtesy Mentions Magazine. Get your copy now, and get ETSY NOW!

02/24/19 – We’re up on SoundCloud now and will soon start posting some great music tracks to our SoundCloud Profile Page. These will be trance, remixes, and electronic style tunes. So if those types of music are up your alley, then follow us on SoundCloud. We hope to also connect our RSS from SoundCloud to our website here so that new tracks we post will show up in a feed in our sidebar or footer area somewhere.

02/17/19 – In our Business Directory, we have a new category for businesses in Lawn & Landscaping Supplies & Services. Anyone running a business in this area in the United States can now get listed. Our Resources have been updated with a new HomeTownLocator Index. It’s a useful resource for finding local geographical information in your city, county, or state. We’re now accepting submissions for a FREE LISTING in our Twitter Business Directory (aka “America’s Social Business Book”). If you run a business in the United States and have a Twitter account for it, you can get it listed for free for a limited time.

02/15/19 – Other work done today aside from that listed already, includes indexing of one of our favorite culture and free education sites, Open Culture, to be included in our upcoming Issue #3 of Courtesy Mentions Magazine. This index will provide you with links and excerpts to some of the greatest articles to be found on Open Culture.

02/15/19 – A new business page for Storm Chasing listings has been added into the Business Directory section of our website. There is a new state hub page for Storm Chasing In Iowa on site. A new directory listing for the Iowa Storm Chasing Network is now on site for viewing.

02/15/19 – A new business page for Publishers listings has been added into the Business Directory section of our website. We’ve provided a new Publishers category on our blog so that you will be able to quickly find all listings in this category all at once (because our Publishers business listings page will eventually be divided into state listings if possible). There is a new listing for the Waterway Guide in our directory.

02/09/19 – We’ve Got Issuus! is now up on site. This is our new Issuus.com index list of free publications you can read online (and download from some publishers). This list contains 130+ links to publications in the following categories: Agriculture, Farming, & Livestock | Antiques | Apartments, Housing, & Rentals | Architecture | Art & Photography | Boating | Business | Fishing | Food, Farm, Agriculture & Recipes | For Men | For Women | Health & Fitness | Hobbies & Crafts | Home Decorating | LGBT | Mixed Interest | Music | Nature & Outdoors | News & Magazines | Ocean & Diving | Sports | Toys | Travel | Vintage | Wildlife, Animals, & Zoos. We expect to make a big update to this section of our directory over the next few weeks.

02/01/19 – We have a new City Index page up on site now. This page will in the future provide a resource for finding business listings in specific cities as opposed to searching by counties in our Community Business Directory.

02/01/19 – A new Sports & Recreation category has been added to our Business Directory. We have updated our Business Directory page to include all current business type categories on our site. In our Community Business Directory, our Alabama Community Business Directory has been updated with a new Jefferson County Alabama business listings page. A new listing, BumperNets is now in our Sports & Recreation category. Also a new feature is being implemented starting with our Alabama Community Business Listings Directory. Since our listings on this, and all other state community business directory pages are organized by counties, we’ll include a “City Index” on the page to help you see what cities have a listing in our Alabama Community Business Directory, and the second is to help you determine what county a city is in if you’re not sure so that you can access full listings pages for that area from the county links on the page. Work is still ongoing with our Fishing In Delaware section of our USA Fishing Directory.

01/27/19 – No new major on-site updates this past week, however we are working on our Fishing In Delaware directory listings for our USA Fishing Directory. We hope to have that page up on site by next weekend. As of today, we now have 12 posts in our Let’s Go Fishing photo series on the blog. Go there to check out awesome “big catch” fishing photos we’re featuring, and be sure to follow our site so that you can catch all the new posts coming.

01/22/19 – Our USA Fishing Directory has been updated with new Alabama listings.

01/16/19 – We’ve kicked off a new (and our first) Instagram photos feature series on our blog to help promote our USA Fishing Directory. It’s called Let’s Go Fishing!! and you can view Episode 1 now. It’s where we select the most awesome “big catch” photos and deliver them to you for your viewing enjoyment.

01/16/19 – We now have a badge in various sizes that you can grab and use to link to our website. Just find the appropriate size badge to suit your needs and copy some html code provided and paste it into your site where needed.

01/15/19 – We’ve expanded our business directory with more categories to get listed in with your business. The new categories include Design Services (Websites, Graphics & Logos) where consumers will be able to find designers that have great talent for designing custom websites and graphics, Utility Companies where consumers can find the utility services they need, Wedding Planning Services where businesses associated with bringing fabulous weddings together can get listed and found by all the newlyweds across the United States, Welding Services & Supplies, and Colleges & Trade Schools for those seeking higher education. We’ve also recently became an Amazon Associate, so you will see some select products featured on our website that you can purchase on Amazon. Purchasing from the affiliate links provided on our site for these products will allow us a small commision from your purchase at no extra cost to you. Our Junkyard Gear Shop is also now open on Zazzle where you can purchase select products you may like. And last but not least, we have added a new category to our blog for the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive at www.archive.org is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. We will occasionally post free content that we think you may enjoy in this category.

01/08/19 – Great news! We are in the process of opening a new shop on Zazzle where you’ll be able to purchase cool gear with our logo. The name of the store is Junkyard Gear (cool name right!), and you can take a sneak peek at it here if you would like. It may take a week or two to get it fully set up.

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“Everytime I visit this directory, I always find something new that I like. It could be a blog or some new service I haven’t heard of before. It’s great to know that because this site is ad free, and that quality control is placed on every listing, that I can feel safer online when checking … Continue reading Aaron Spencer

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